Radio repeaters, portable or fixed, extend the range of communications accessible by two-way radios in remote or low signal locations. In addition to an extended Trunked Radio Network in the Lower Mainland, the radio technicians at Signal Systems have developed modular portable repeater packages to meet the communication needs of “last mile" industries and users. Customers include mining and construction camps, film crews, independent power producers (IPPs), and other users operating in remote environments. We also deploy smaller portable repeaters for Search and Rescue operations. The process begins with a meeting to determine the needs of the customer and the challenges of deployment. We then prepare a proposal outlining a customized solution which includes but is not limited to portable repeaters with VHF/UHF communications, satellite internet, IP telephony (Cisco), and radios. Signal System's modular portable repeater packages enable comprehensive solutions in even the most challenging terrains. They reduce cost and power consumption and are available by rental and/or long term lease. Helicopter transportation tends to be a requirement for most remote repeater installations and maintenance.  With our sister company Blackcomb Helicopters having bases nearby many of our communication sites, and being the primary service provider for many other repeater networks, together we have the skills, equipment, and experience to support your remote repeater maintenance or installation needs.